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The RC Style Guide® Collective is a Private Mighty Network created exclusively for women, like you, who are finally ready to say ‘YES’ to themselves, their personal image, and their lives!

We bring together these women to
master the art & science of personal wardrobe style
so that we can:

  • develop sure confidence and peace of mind to make better, more well-informed decisions about what we’re introducing into to our wardrobes
  • improve the overall relationship with our wardrobe
  • build image-based practices & habits that are important to us and are nearly impossible to do on our own…
  • capture answers to our least understood questions surrounding personal wardrobe style
  • apply our acquired style discoveries as a result of hearing the stories, experiences, and ideas of women like us who are on the same path…
  • access exclusive connections and knowledge that create our competitive edge, success, and ultimate fulfillment

and collectively transform our wardrobes and transform our lives!

Here at The RC Style Guide® Collective, our motivation is to foster a thriving, non-judgmental community centered on the following pillars:

The joy of being a part of something bigger than yourself

The joy of working towards a common goal

The permission to be vulnerable and navigate challenges together

The joy of building your personal styling skills & getting better and better and better!

So what are you waiting for?

Be the first to know the moment we launch The RC Style Guide® Collective 2.0 by signing up for our waitlist.

Take this first step to truly transforming your wardrobe and life!

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